How's My Kitty?
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JOE & FRANK, Entry for May 3, 2007
As usual, Frank showed up in the kitchen to streatch out and roll around for some scratchies on the kitchen island.  He followed me around as I completed my chores.  While on the third floor, I peeked under the bed to say hi to Joe.  I noticed two small clumps of dry food that had been thrown up on the bed spread by someone overnight or earlier in the day.  They were almost dry and easy to clean up, leaving a slight yellow residue which when thoroughly dry will brush off easily tomorrow. Frank and I headed down to the living room for a little TV and some play and scratchies on the rug.  I stayed for about an hour entertaining Frank before Joe emerged from the stairs on his own to join in a bit.  I felt honored that he had made that decision on his own to investigate what was going on.  He came over to the rug and sat at first on the edge.  After a few minutes he decided to join in and swat at the cat dancer.  He was shy and somewhat timid in his participation and whenever he became more into the idea it seemed that Frank was there to hog the toy.  Joe played for a while and accepted some treats from me.  When I had to leave,  Joe stayed in the living room and after I had collected my jacket and bag from the kitchen stool he retreated under the dining table and watched me go down the stairs.  I said good bye and told him that I would be back tomorrow.
2007-05-04 14:33:53 GMT