How's My Kitty?
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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, Entry for May 3, 2007
I found no surprises from Scout waiting for me both in the AM and PM.  Scout had eaten all her wet food overnight and there was none left in the AM nor was there any wet food left by the time I arrived for the PM visit.  Scout was again not very interactive, preferring to watch me prepare her food and do her litter from the vantage point of her cat tree.  As is my routine, I leave Scout to spend some time with Mayflower.  When I returned to Scout she was as usual roaming the bedroom having just eaten while I was gone and heading to preen on her perch high up in the cat tree.  I enticed her down from the tree in the AM visit to take a few swats at the cat dancer.  Mayflower on the other hand spent quite some time on my lap loudly purring and making bread and enjoying her scratchies both visits.  We ended both visits with some exercise with the cat dancer as the battery in the laser pointer has gone dead.  The ceiling light in Scout's bathroom must be burned out, so I have left on the lights above the bathroom sink.  Tomorrow, I will leave the light in the closet area on instead
2007-05-04 14:31:18 GMT