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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for May 3, 2007
The girls were doing just fine today.  When I arrived, Basil and Sage greeted me at the door and Coco emerged from the bedroom.  I quickly prepared their food.  Basil and Sage insisted in hopping up on the counter repeatedly to assist me in the preparation of their wet food and Coco was anxiously waiting on the floor by the island for hers.  The sisters quickly gobbled up their food and Basil had her own plans for Coco's food. After being confronted by Basil, Coco retreated underneath the desk in the bedroom.  I took Coco's food away from Basil and took it to the bedroom and closed the door.  I put it in front of Coco and laid down on the floor with her and as she ate I pushed the food together and closer to her on the plate carefully breaking up the big lumps into easier size for her to eat. She ate it all but a few crumbs while the girls rolled around and protested from the other side of the door.  Several times there appeared a little front paw with a leg under the door.  Then it was on to the litter.  The scene was similar to yesterday with the girls, especially Basil, trying their best to get me to miss the collection bag as I tried to shovel their earlier deposits into it.  They delighted in helping me search through the gravel for little treasures that we might play with.  Nest, we were on to a little TV and some cat dancing.  The sisters become really focused and competitive when it comes to that toy.  Sage is the more timid of the two when playing and Basil is a real spoiler, hogging the toy as much as she can and getting in the way of her sisters fun.  I duly compensated by directing the bug as close to Sage as many times as I could in order to give the girls equal time as Sage gets frustrated when she feels that Basil is not sharing.  With the addition of some scratchies for Coco it was time to go.
2007-05-04 14:29:08 GMT