How's My Kitty?
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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, Entry for May 2, 2007
Mayflower and Scout were doing well again today during both the AM and PM visits. There were no accidents or incidents in Scout's domain during the AM visit today, however I noticed on the PM visit that she had thrown up some of her food after I had left that morning.  It was dried and easily removed except for the fact that she did it from her cat tree and most of it was on the floor between the bed, the cat tree and the small computer table, a spot not so easy to get to.  Scout was running around on the AM visit getting scratchies and moving from her cat tree to her pillow in the closet when I was in the room.  During the PM visit she seemed content to remain in her cat tree watching me from a distance.  I left her area to give some time to Mayflower returning to Scout on a couple occasions to find her out of her tree and eating or walking around the bedroom.  She didn't seem in an interactive mood, so I put on Soundscapes for her and left her to do her own thing. Scout is such a complex Kitty and it is sometimes difficult to read her mood.  Mayflower however was as always super glad to see me and after she sampled some of her food during the morning and evening visits today was ready to just be held and to receive scratchies and to purr as loud as she can.  She is just a joy when she cuddles.  We have had such intense laser pointer exercise sessions that the battery is dying!, so this evening we switched back to the cat dancer toy that I carry in my bag to end the PM session.  
2007-05-03 14:00:16 GMT