How's My Kitty?
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Toodles (Visit) Entry for May 2, 2007
Toodles was such a sweetheart during my visit today. She was right at the door, and purred right away once I picked her up. What an excellent greeter! I made sure to feed her right away, but she was distracted away from her food because she was ready to cuddle! We sat on the couch and she laid on my lap as I pet her. Toodles is such a cuddley little kitty! Afterwards, I noticed it looked as if it was going to rain outside, so I shut the windows just a crack more so that they were still open, but the rain wouldn't come in. I also spent time sweeping up some extra litter around the box. Toodles was so excited to see the broom, and chased it everywhere! How adorable! I hope all is well on your trip!
2007-05-03 04:43:14 GMT