How's My Kitty?
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JOE & FRANK, Entry for May 1, 2007
Frank and Joe are doing just fine.  When I arrived today and went to the 2nd floor, I found Joe in his place again on the chair at the far end of the dining table.  Frank was under the table and they may have been playing with each other before I arrived.  I put the mail down on the table and topped off the food bowl and changed the water under the Frank's supervision.  He did not follow me to the litter pan today.  When I came back to the living room I turned on the TV and Frank came over for some scratchies.  He retreated to the top of his castle for more scratchies while Joe watched from his vantage point in the dining area. I thought that I would try something new today in an effort to engage Joe as well.  I brought a toy called a cat dancer from my bag to the castle in the living room.  The toy is essentially a wire with several rolled one inch pieces of card board at one end.  If you shake it right it looks like a moth fluttering in the air and cross the floor.  Frank enjoyed swatting it from the top of his castle and after a slow start really got into it while Joe was watching the fun.  I moved the play session into the dining room.  Frank was in pursuit.  I shook the toy over Joe's chair and allowed him to smell it.  After a few clumsy attempts at swatting the invading bug with the help of Frank to show him how.  Joe was having a good time also.  I slowly moved my hand toward the chair and Joe accepted some scratchies about the head, in back of the ears and around his shoulders and back.  I moved the play back to the living room area and Joe followed for some more. I hope Joe remembers what a good time he had and will be willing to participate again tomorrow in some play and some needed attention to get him through missing his dads.  I told Frank that I thought he did a good job coaching his brother and asked him to remind Joe that I will be back tomorrow to play again.
2007-05-03 04:42:30 GMT