How's My Kitty?
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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, Entry for May 1, 2007
Mayflower and Scout were doing well today during both the AM and PM visits.  The bad news is that when I arrived for my morning visit I discovered that Scout had urinated on the bed, on the plastic cover.  The good news is that it was easy to clean because it was an area that wasn't ripped and punctured by her claws and the urine remained on top of the plastic. Maybe this was her reaction to being alone between visits. Scout was her usual self during the visit.  She has been eating all of her wet food.  Her nose is cold and wet and she is active.  Scout greeted me at the bedroom door at the AM visit for a few scratchies and then retreated to her cat tree.  After I made her food today both in the AM and PM and did the chores I left the room so that she could come down and investigate everything.  My next chore both in AM and PM is to take care of Mayflower's litter and give her some attention.  I returned to Scout on the AM visit I found her roaming around on the floor and we had another session of petting before she went to her pillow in the closet.  She never eats in my presence, preferring the attention over the food, but the bowl is always empty when I return on the next visit.  During the PM visit when I was spending my usual time with Mayflower in my lap for her scratchies Scout started crying at the door for me to come back in and give her some attention.  I did and she appreciated my presence and after some attention he was content to go back up on her cat tree.  I changed her TV to Soundscapes and made a hasty retreat as it was time to go.
2007-05-03 04:39:29 GMT