How's My Kitty?
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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, Entry for April 30, 2007
Mayflower and Scout are doing just fine.  The big news is that there were no accidents from Scout  for me to discover both on the AM and PM visits.  Both kitties are settling into a regular schedule for their visits.  Mayflower and Scout got their food first and were given some time to eat while I did my chores.  When I came back to Scout during the AM visit, I found her on the floor by the door in anticipation of my return.  She plopped down on the blue/green rug at the end of the bed for his scratchesd.  she wriggled around for quite a while before he had enough.  Usually she then retreats to his pillow on the shelf.  she was stretching around on his pillow when I heard a thud.  she had pushed the pillow too far to the edge of the shelf and launched the pillow and himself down to the floor.  she didn't seem too worse for ware, just a little surprised.  The pillow must have slid on those plastic mats a bit I guess, I only noticed them on the floor next to the pillow, and she must have pushed with his hind legs and launched himself off of the shelf. she didn't go back up there for the duration of the AM visit.  In the PM visit she received more scratchies and did retreat back up to she shelf.  she rolled all around on the highest platforms on her cat tree like she wanted me to give her more, but I of course could not reach that high and he didn't seem to understand my telling her to come down onto the bed.

Mayflower of course is always ready for her food.  Hanging out on the chair by the kitchen sink while I open the can or measure the dry food out.  On the AM visit today we were ending with some intense scratchise in my lap in the red chair in the living room when my cell phone went off.  She did not want to get off my lap, in fact she went limp and I had to slide her down my legs to the floor which I made into a ramp to gently lower her to the floor.  By that time the phone stopped ringing, so I picked her up and put her back in my lap for more.  During the PM visit, I ended with Mayflower by putting her back in my lap for more scratchies, but I had the presence of mind to have an escape plan in place.  Before I picked her up, I grabbed the laser pointer and put it on the table next to me.  When I thought she had had enough of her kitty massage (she won't leave my lap on her own) I took the laser pointer and ran it down my shirt and onto the floor and she went for it.  She loves to chase the red dot and we ended the PM session with a little exercise to work off her food.
2007-05-01 23:16:31 GMT