How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for April 29, 2007
Hurrah, Harry is out.  When I arrived at the apartment of course Harry was behind the sofa.  I tried my usual tricks of sitting and lying next to the back of the sofa and trying to talk Harry out and he wasn't budging, just starring at me with those " I want to play, but I'm too shy" eyes.  I was afraid that I would never meet Harry face to face, and so I initiated the first move.  I moved the left side of the sofa away from the wall enough that I could get in back and lie next to Harry.  He didn't move away and I gave him some scratchies in back of his ears and around his head and he laid his chin in the palm of my hand for some more.  I gave him more on his shoulders and back and he rolled over on his side for more.  I had brought some treats from the kitchen and put a few in front of him and he ate a couple in front of me.  I stepped over him and he got up and exited the rear of the sofa.  I sat in the chair and Harry came around for some scratchies.  He walked around the living room, sniffed my jacket, checked things out and walked around the corner to his litter area.  When he didn't come back, I found him lounging in the hall by his litter box.  Eventually he went up on his little shelf and when I left he stuck his head out of the closet to see me off.  Harry is a wonderfully sensitive cat.  
2007-04-30 14:52:15 GMT