How's My Kitty?
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Abby and Sam - Entry for May 21, 2006

Hi there! Abby and Sam are fine. Both were anxious to eat of course. Abby seemed particularly hungry, ate longer than Sam and drank water right after. Both were very sociable and were glad to see me.  I have one concern however- that is, that as soon as Abby  finished eating/drinking she walked a few steps, went under the table nearby and peed on the small rug - rather than going to the litter box downstairs. What I'm thinking about that is - since she's 15 years old now,  she probably just doesn't have the bladder control she once did to make it all the way down the stairs to the bathroom in time. So, I went down and brought up one of the litter boxes and put it at the Top of the stairs for her. They're both Sooo sweet. We'll see if moving the box helped at all tomorrow.  :)   - L.

2006-05-22 06:21:30 GMT