How's My Kitty?
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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, Entry for April 29, 2007
Mayflower is doing great and Scout is doing OK.  Mayflower was her usual self. She was eager to be presented with her food both in the AM and the PM visit. She always wants to get some scratchies on the stairs which we do every visit when I go down to do her litter.  This morning we did mostly snuggles and scratchies on the chair by the sink, the stairs and the living room.  This PM she had an intense session with the laser pointer and some snuggles and scratchies both in the chair by the sink and the stairs.

Scout however had some more diarrhea on the bed and the other bed pillow.  He has ripped a hole in the plastic sheet at the foot of the bed where he deposited his present.  I cleaned that up.  The cat stain and odor remover does work quite well.  I used it on the comforter.  I placed a plastic bag under the hole in the plastic sheet.  I took the pillow sham off the pillow and wiped and rinsed the fecal matter off and placed the sham in the plastic bag already in the washer.  I put the pillow sham from the basket originally intended for his pillow on the closet shelf on the pillow and I placed the pillow over the recent hole in the plastic bed cover to keep him from making the hole bigger.  This seems to have worked so far.  The PM visit there was no fecal deposits on the bed, just a little throw up which was easy to clean up at the head of the bed near the cat tree.  When I went in Scout's room during the PM visit he greeted me and checked me out again sniffing me and wanted a few scratchies.  He then went up on his pillow in the closet and I made his food.  I always hold it up to his nose so that he can smell it before I set it down on the floor.  I went back out in the bedroom to give him some distance if he wanted to come off his perch to eat and that is when I noticed the throw up at the head of the bed.  I picked that up and wiped the plastic with the cat stain and odor remover.  Now that Scout has gotten to know me, he can be very sweet, but he certainly is a challenge.
2007-04-30 14:45:47 GMT