How's My Kitty?
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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, AM/PM VISITS, Entry for April 28, 2007
Well, I have some good news and some bad news.  First good news.  Mayflower continues to be a joy.  She really looks forward to the presentation of her food, which is the first thing that I do.  This morning she ate a little and wanted to play. This evening she ate some of her dry food too quickly and threw it up when I was down doing her litter.  She kept the rest of her dry food down after that.  We did some laser pointer play in the AM and the PM.  It is one of her favorite things to do.  She is really into catching that little red dot.  Today she got her usual scratchies and hugs on the stairs going to the lower level.  She will stay a couple of steps above me and rub and roll on her side and I will snuggle and give her scratchies about the head, neck and upper back.  She likes to go on the chair by the sink to get my attention for more scratchies there.

Scout had some diarrhea overnight.  He made several deposits on the bed.  On the pillow sham at the head of the bed nearest to the cat tree and in two areas at the foot of the bed.  I took the pillow sham off the pillow and rinsed the stool off of the sham.  It did not seem the go through to the pillow cover underneath, however I sprayed it on the area lightly with the cat stain and odor remover and left it to dry.  I put the clean sham from the basket on the pillow and switched pillows at the top, moving the other pillow closest to the cat tree.  I cleaned the deposits at the lower end of the bed.  First I placed some paper toweling under the deposits so as not to soil the linens underneath in the process of cleaning off the plastic.  (The plastic cover on the bed has lots of holes from Scouts claws) I replaced the paper toweling underneath the area with a plastic bag and re-secured the plastic sheet.  I put the rinsed pillow sham into an open plastic bag and placed the bag into the washer to remove it form the prying noses of both kitties.  Scout had more deposits in the litter box and on the side of the box which were needless to say, easier to clean.  This was AM.

On the upside I think that I had a breakthrough with Scout.  He has been keeping his distance either on top of the cat tree or on his pillow on the shelf in the closet.  This PM visit I made his food and brought it over to let him smell it an then placed it on his towel in the bathroom/closet.  After I was done with his chores I sat on the corner of the bed and talked to him.  Usually he just stares at me from the top of his cat tree.  This evening he moved down level by level and hopped on the bed and came over to me.  He sniffed me all over jumped down on the floor and sniffed my pants and shoes.  I even got a quick scratch in on the head.  I then introduced a cat toy called a cat dancer, which simulates a bug fluttering in the air or across the floor.  He was fascinated by the toy and a little intimidated, but it was a good introduction.  I felt that this was a good start with him and left to play some more with Mayflower. (Incidentally, his diarrhea seems to have abated, a deposit in the litter pan and on the side of the pan, but none in the bed this PM visit.)
2007-04-29 16:27:16 GMT