How's My Kitty?
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JOE & FRANK, Entry for April 28, 2007
When I got to the house, I found Frank on top of the organ.  He was hesitant to greet me because he didn't know me ( Nanny Steve here, subbing for Laurie ).  I proceeded to look for Joe.  At first I could not find him anywhere.  In the process of the hunt for Joe, I kept hearing this banging noise from above.  I initially thought that someone was in the upstairs but discovered that the outer door the roof was not secured and was banging shut periodically because of the wind.  I closed and locked the outer door and proceeded on my search for Joe.  I couldn't find him anywhere and was about to give up.  I sat on the ottoman in front of the chair in the living room and looked around and there he was, quietly watching me from underneath the dining table in the end chair.  I sat in the chair next to him and introduced myself and talked to him for a while.  I picked up the mail, and there was a plastic bag with some folders in it leaning against your front door.  I placed these on the kitchen table.  Frank came to me in the entry area and I gave him some scratchies and a hug or two as a reward.  I sat on the stairs and talked to him for a while as he divided his attention between me and your neighbors across the way who were doing yard work.  It was a good visit for Frank and myself and I look forward to building a relationship with Joe.
2007-04-29 16:23:39 GMT