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Simba and Schnurrbart (Visit) Entry for April 28, 2007
The weather in Chicago was fantastic today, and Simba and Schnurrbart were both in excellent moods! Schnurrbart was full of meows today, and spent much of the visit basking in the warm sun on the coffee table. What a cutie! I made sure to give him a good brushing, and he loved it! Simba napped on the arm of the couch while I brushed him, and also seemed to be enjoying himself. I noticed that Simba had a bit of a runny nose today, so I hope he isn't catching some sort of cold in time for this good weather! I made sure to clean up around the litter and refill both the water and the food. Unfortunately, the ants discovered the new placement of the food, so I made sure to move it to another part of the kitchen, so hopefully they will stay away until you get home. Other then that, all is well here! I hope you had a great trip! Cheers!
2007-04-28 23:38:28 GMT