How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for April 26-27, 2007
4/26 - When I arrived at the apartment, there was no sign of Harry.  I found him wedged in, in back of the sofa. I talked to him for a while and told him what a nice kitty he was and how cute he was, all of which he probably already knew, however all that flattery spoken in a kitty tone of voice was not enough to make Harry budge.  I tried a couple of toys out on him but he was not ready to give in just yet.  I went about my chores and also turned the TV on for some background noise.  I made an obvious display of playing with some toys myself which I'm sure he could observe from under the sofa.  I have high hopes that Harry will emerge on my next visit to meet and get to know me and have the start of some great time together.

4/27 - Harry was again behind the sofa.  I told him what a pretty kitty he was and that I would visit him after I did my chores.  He has been passing stool regularly and has been eating well and drinking water.  I turned on the TV to provide some low background noise and after my chores approached the side of the sofa on all fours.  I talked to Harry for a while and scratched him on the head.  I put a couple of treats by his nose and sat in the chair for a while playing with a poll with feather that jingled to try to entice him into joining in with the play.  Unfortunately Harry wasn't ready.  I have continued high hopes for tomorrow.
2007-04-28 20:18:11 GMT