How's My Kitty?
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NALA, Entry for April 26-27, 2007

4/26 - Zarza, Jayna and Gunter are doing well today as usual.  They are splitting a can of Fancy Feast again.  I think that they expected some more people tuna but that didn't stop them from eating every morsel of their food, they just weren't quite as exuberant about it.  Zarza had her water from the bathroom and I finished my chores.  We all settled in our usual positions in the living room for a little TV and some catch the bug.  Jayna as usual performed some spectacular jumps and is very good at catching flying "bugs," you should be proud.  A good time was had by all and they were sad to see me go.  You have a fine little family.  They are so good with each other and so sweet to me.

4/27 - Again, Nala was a good girl today.  She was of course anxious for her food.  She went immediately to the eating area in the bathroom.  She didn't even mind when I came in and put the water dish down while she was eating.  We had another great session of scratchies on the living room floor.  It seem that the living room rug is her environment of choice to interact with me.  She rolls around on the floor, purrs and whines for her scratchies.  I am so glad that she has decided to accept this kind of attention form me.  She seemed a little surly and angry about being left alone without her family and for the first couple of days was not interested in making new friends.  I am honored to have changed her mind.

2007-04-28 20:16:35 GMT