How's My Kitty?
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ZARZA, JAYNA & GUNTER, Entry for April 26-27, 2007

4/26 - Zarza, Jayna and Gunter are doing well today as usual.  They are splitting a can of Fancy Feast again.  I think that they expected some more people tuna but that didn't stop them from eating every morsel of their food, they just weren't quite as exuberant about it.  Zarza had her water from the bathroom and I finished my chores.  We all settled in our usual positions in the living room for a little TV and some catch the bug.  Jayna as usual performed some spectacular jumps and is very good at catching flying "bugs," you should be proud.  A good time was had by all and they were sad to see me go.  You have a fine little family.  They are so good with each other and so sweet to me.

4/27 - This was my last visit with Zarza, Jayna and Gunter.  They were all fine and anxious for their Fancy Feast treat.  Everyone assumed their regular positions and dug in as soon as I put there dishes in front of them.  I didn't tell them that my chores would take a little linger today.  I had a surprise with some little bits deposited outside the litter box on the kitchen floor.  (Solid hard stool, easy to clean up.)  This had happened before, but I took it as just a fluke. I also moved the litter boxes to do the floor to sweep and wipe the floor in the closet area.  I wiped the rim on the large box, as it had some urine residue in the groove.  I washed and refilled the water dispenser.  Toped off the dry feeder which I had been doing on a regular basis.  Rinsed and wiped the water bowls and filled with fresh water which was part of my daily routine.  I turned the sink on in the bathroom for Zarza. The kitties came one by one to complain about the delay in their play time but assumed there happy demeanor as soon as we settled in the living room with the cat dancer and the brush.  Jayna continued to be the best jumper during play and Zarza hung back and watched part of the time only coming in for a few swats occasionally Gunter was active in the play, however Jayna dominated as usual attempting to hog the little "bug" on the end of the cat dancer.  They each got a few brushes and after I put my coat on escorted me to the door for a farewell.  Your little family was as always the highlight of my day.

2007-04-28 20:14:30 GMT