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MAYFLOWER & SCOUT, Entry for April 25-27, 2007
Hi guys! Sorry for the delay in uploading the reports on the kids. Here are they are:

4/25  I  arrived in the morning to find Mayflower right at the door greeting me and in good spirits. There was however a large puddle of diarrhea on the hardwood floor in the entry. I checked her health record and you did mention that this was an occassional problem, so I am taking a wait and see attitude with it. I did check it for blood, and found none - so that is good.  So while Mayflower was having breakfast, I cleaned that up and took care of the litter box etc - which had nomal stool in it. As for Scout, she's been very sweet - but shy. She watched everything I did from her cat tree. I try to pet her, but I can tell she'd rather wait on that:)  In the evening, all was normal and not further instance of diarrhea. Scout was in the closet on her blankie watching everything with interest and Mayflower was as sociable as ever.

4/26 AM - All was well this morning thank goodness, everybody was doing well, and no more accidents. Yea! Both had finished all their food, Mayflower got lots of pets and attention which she loves right away and I gave Scout a couple chicken treats on her blankie in the closet which she seems pretty happy about.

4/26 PM - Mayflower and Scout are still doing well.  Mayflower is such an affectionate kitty.  When I arrived she seemed eager to get her dry food, so that was the first thing that I did of course, however she was more interested in the offering of the food and proceeded to want her scratchies and as much attention as she could get.  After all she could always eat her food and I might not always be there.  After a little a few scratchies I told her that I must see to Scout.  Scout was on the top platform of his cat tree watching every move that I made without blinking an eye.  He observed the cleaning of his food bowls and the opening of the can of food plus the preparation of his dry mix from his perch in the corner.  I sat on the corner of the bed and talked to him for a while but realized that he would not come down to eat until I was gone.  I went back out and did Mayflowers litter and gave her some quality time for a while.  I went back to Scout and found that he was no longer in the cat tree, so I did the litter and proceeded to look for him only to discover that he was ensconced on his pillow on the closet shelf watching me.  I let him sniff my finger so that he would know my sent and will try a little scratchie on the head on my next visit.  I changed his TV to soundscapes, said good by and went to visit with Mayflower before I left.  She of course wanted me to stay.

4/27  AM, Well Mayflower & I basically had a snuggle session for quite awhile this morning.  She took nibbles of her breakfast as well between cuddles and everything was normal. Scout was on pillow on bathroom and watched keenly as I put down his canned tiki food.  Tried again to give him a little scratch and a pet because he's just do darn cute, but he wasn't interested. Ah well... PM - Mayflower definitely lives for her food and is eager to have it presented to her.  She loves her attention, demanding her scratchies and petting sessions as equal time, especially after I have been in with Scout.  I even hear a scratch or two at the door while I am in the bedroom.  She likes to get attention on the stairs when I come up from doing her litter and she plays vigorously with the laser pointer.  She is a joy.  Scout continues to observe me from his cat tree or from his pillow on the closet shelf unwilling yet to interact, but curiously watching me do the litter and wash and fill his food and water bowls.  I sit on the edge of the bed and talk to him for a while in an effort to get him used to me being in his presence.  This is when I usually hear a scratch or two at the door announcing that Mayflower is telling me that I have had enough time with Scout.
2007-04-28 20:10:27 GMT