How's My Kitty?
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Marley and Mira (Visit) Entry for April 27, 2007
It was sadly my last visit with Mira and Marley today. I am going to miss these guys! I must have woken Marley from a nap today, because he was a bit grouchy. After having a little session of growling, he wandered into the bedroom and I went to go find Mira. She was in the spare bedroom by the side of the bed, and I spent some time petting her. Then, we both went into the kitchen and I refilled all of the food and water. We also had some entertainment watching a neighborhood kitty that was lying out on the deck. Mira is such a sweetie! Everything is well with the food and litter, and the kitties will be excited to see you! I hope you had a great trip! Thanks for letting me spend time with these two fantastic kitties!
2007-04-28 02:59:25 GMT