How's My Kitty?
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Schnurrbart and Simba (Visit) Entry for April 26, 2007
Schurrbart was meowing away when I came from my visit today. He is such a loveable kitty! Simba was napping on the bed, but eventually wandered out into the living room to hang out with myself and Schnurrbart. These guys are so friendly! I discovered the brushes under the coffee table today, so it was definitely a brushing day. There was no complaining from these guy, they absolutely loved to be brushed! Schurrbart is also quite the shedder! The only problem with my visit today was that I have stumbled upon a small grouping of ants that have made their way into your kitchen and started to crowd the kittie's food. I made sure to move the food and water right away, but I wasn't sure if there was anything specific that you wanted me to do about the ants. Other then that, all is well here! Cheers!
2007-04-27 06:25:26 GMT