How's My Kitty?
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Marley and Mira (Visit) Entry for April 26, 2007
The week is winding down, and I realized that I only have one other visit with Marley and Mira! It is quite unfortunate, and I am definitely going to miss these guys! Marley seemed a little more grumpy then usual this morning, however it was a gloomy day so I don't blame him too much. He was full of little grumbles, and wasn't too fond me me coming near him to fix up some of the food. I had to wait quite awhile for him to move so I could refill the food and water, but everything was eventually refilled. Mira also must have been playing a little game of hide and seek with me, because I couldn't seem to find her today! I checked by the bed where I usually find her, however she must have been napping way under the bed so I'm sure I will get to hang out with her more tomorrow. All is well here, I hope you are having a great trip!
2007-04-26 19:07:40 GMT