How's My Kitty?
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Simba and Schnurrbart (Visit) Entry for April 25, 2007
Schnurrbart was so talkative today! I could hear his little meows outside of the door when I arrived, and he was so friendly! Simba was hanging out on the bed, but got up right away and came to the living room to be with Schnurrbart and I. These guys are such great greeters! I pet both of them, and Schnurrbart meowed while Simba purred away. I made sure to fill up their food bowls and refill the water. I also checked on the litter and swept up some of the excess litter. The rest of the visit I spent a lot of time brushing and petting both Simba and Schnurrbart. They are such loveable little kitties! I also wanted to let you know that I found a Blackberry on the ground that was messaging to call a specific number if found, so I wasn't sure if you had possibly lost it. I called the number although received no response, and also alerted you through email. Other then that, I hope all is well for you!
2007-04-26 03:51:16 GMT