How's My Kitty?
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NALA, Entry for April 23-24, 2007
4/23 Nala greeted me from the hall when I came in.  She watched me prepare her food and was eager to eat.  She made a big show of not wanting to share her space or her food after I had returned the full bowls to the bathroom eating area.  She made up to me on the mat under the dining table after she realized that I was not going to eat anything out of her food bowls.  We had a little play a brush or two and some quality scratchies on the head and in back of the ears.  After that Nala felt that she had done all that she could do to make me confortable in her home and it was time for me to leave

4/24 Nala is still doing just fine.  I was able to give her a few scratchies on the head before I washed her food and water bowls and prepared her food.  She still puts up a big territorial display, not wanting me near her food or in her eating area.  I'm sure that she appreciates getting fresh food and water each day even though she would never admit it.
2007-04-25 18:10:52 GMT