How's My Kitty?
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ZARZA, JAYNA & GUNTER, Entry for April 23-24, 2007
4/23 Zarza, Jayna and Gunter were doing great today.  Everyone was at the front door to greet me when I arrived.  They escorted me to the kitchen in anticipation of getting their treats, some Fancy Feast.  Zarza took the initiative and came up on the counter to supervise while Jayna and Gunter waited patiently for the dishes to be washed and the food to be portioned and placed in front of them.  They all scarfed their treat down leaving no crumbs.  While they were eating  I saw to their dry food and water needs. We then proceeded to the living room as a group.  I introduced a new toy from my bag for them to play with.  It is called a cat dancer.  It simulates the action of a moth fluttering across the floor or flying erratically through the air.  Jayna and Gunter took to it right away while Zarza at first observed the others at play while lying down on the desk next to the sofa in the living room.  When the "moth" got close to her she batted at it and seemed also to enjoy it, but in a more moderate way.  The intent was to not over stimulate Zarza while providing a safe diversion.  Everyone appreciated getting some personal attention in the form of scratchies even Gunter who never hissed and followed me around to see what the next thing was that I would do for or to him.  He got a little bored when I was doing the litter pans and retired back to the living room.  I ended my visit back in the living room with some play time and some more scratchies.  As I was leaving they all held fast to there positions staring at me in anticipation that I would change my mind and come back and play.

4/24 Zarza, Jayna and Gunter are doing just fine.  They have adjusted to my visitations very well and have settled into a routine.  They greeted me at the door again and followed me to the kitchen for their expected treat of Fancy Feast.  It dawned on me when I saw their sweet expectant little faces at the door that I had inadvertently not packed the cans of Fancy Feast that I had bought the night before.  I had split the last of your cans of Fancy Feast between them on my last visit.  I had no treat to offer them and this would just not do.  Zarza was already in her position up on the kitchen counter waiting for her food and Jayna and Gunter had taken up their positions on the floor and all eyes were on me. I checked your kitchen cupboard for some more Fancy Feast and found none, however I noticed that you had some people tuna.  I opened up a can of tuna and split a half a can between the three of them.  They were extremely excited about this.  Zarza, who was on the counter where I was preparing the tuna was trying her best to help.  After they were happily munching down their tuna, I could get down to my chores with the dry food and water bowls and the litter knowing that I had made three little people very happy. ( I will give them the other half of the can tomorrow and also bring in my Fancy Feast for the remainder of the visits.)  We then settled in with the last part of the routine in the living room.  Zarza went up on the table/desk next to the sofa to preen and clean any tuna leftovers and the other two positioned themselves on the rug surrounded by all of their toys.  I got out my cat dancer, which has become a favorite of the kitties and we had another session of catch the bug.  Again Zarza came to the front corner of the table nearest to the sofa for her turns at swatting and grabing for the bug while Jayna and Gunter made more strenuous attempts at the bug on the rug.  Jayna especially is a good jumper.  I really hate to leave as much as they hate to see me go.  I always tell them that I will be back each day until their mom comes home.
2007-04-25 18:08:58 GMT