How's My Kitty?
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ZARZA, JAYNA & GUNTER, Entry for April 22-23, 2007

These three are really funny and are all at the door when I come in. Zarza hangs back just a bit, while the other two want their share of pets ASAP. On the other hand as soon as I pop open the wet food, Zarza hops right on the counter and can't wait to wolf her portion down. They all seem to like to eat in their separate spots, with Zarza on the counter, Gunter on the kitchen floor and Jayna in the diningroom. All three had a little brush yesterday which they enjoyed, especially Zarza who stretched out on the table. All of them has such sweet personalities, they are a joy to take care of everyday. So, no worries here.

2007-04-23 13:30:16 GMT