How's My Kitty?
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ANNA, AM/PM's, Entry for April 21-22, 2007
Anna is doing very well with no signs of stress that I can see. Mostly when I arrive she's either sleeping in your bedroom and then comes running out as soon as I call her name, or she's right at the door meowing insistantly for attention and food. I scoop her up right away and she gives me her Anna hugs:) Then she likes to stand on the counter, meowing out orders to hurry up as I prepare her breakfast or dinner. She only likes the gravy for the most part though as nearly every visit, at least half of the "slices" are still in the bowl. I set down an extra bowl of water for her in a tupperware, as he little metal one was just about empty each time between visits and I wanted to make sure she felt she had enough. Then she snuggles comfortably on my lap for a bit of R & R after a hard day:))
2007-04-23 13:17:40 GMT