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LOUIS, Entry for April 21-22, 2007

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay. Louis has been an absolute angel - definitely one of our best cats. Both days he met me at the door and was so happy for love and attention. He stayed and watched as I refreshed his food and water bowls and took care of the litter. We played both days with the cat dancer and ribbon which he liked - especially when he sat on the livingroom table and I swung it in a circle around his head. But mostly he just liked to sit on my lap and purr. I took him just a bit to get comfortable, I suppose because of his hide leg, but eventually he just laid down and practically went to sleep while we watched a bit of TV together. He was so comfortable, I practically went to sleep myself ! Anyway, he really was a joy to visit. Hope you have a great flight back!

2007-04-23 13:04:35 GMT
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Thanks for taking such good care of our baby. When we arrived home he was calm (last time, when a friend looked in, he was howling before we opened the door!). We can tell you spent time with him. Thanks again!!
--coray hoffner
2007-04-24 01:38:58 GMT