How's My Kitty?
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Bazz and Spazz (Visit) Entry for April 21, 2007
These guys are so great to hang out with! Bazz was right at the door today, however Spazz was sleeping on the bed so we had to go wake him up for dinner time! Both kitties ate all of their food, as usual, and were excited to have it refilled. Bazz was so eager to eat his food that he tried poking his head in the can! What a crazy little kitty he is! After I put the food down to let the two eat I made sure to clean up the litter. Today these guys seemed a bit less playful, and although we played with wand, these two were both very excited about relaxing and being pet. Bazz and Spazz are so wonderful! Cheers!
2007-04-22 07:01:49 GMT