How's My Kitty?
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COCO & CAVALLI, Entry for April 20, 2007
Coco and Cavalli are doing fine.  Cavalli had an intense play session with the cat dancer and dragged it around for a while as usual.  Coco was more affectionate today.  I brought a substitute bag of Wellness dry food for the boys. Coco stood up on his hind legs and rubbed his head on my leg while I filled the dry food bowls.  He also allowed me to give him some scratchies.  They were both happy with the food. The boys were relaxed enough today with me in the apartment to play and wrestle with each other for the first time in my presence.  I pulled the litter pans out from either side of the commode and swept up and wiped the floor.  The boys must launch themselves out of the litter pans when they are done or they stalk each other when one is in the litter pan, judging by the amount of litter they seem to have spread all over the bathroom floor by the time I arrive. This is just another sign of how close and how much fun they have with each other when they are by themselves.
2007-04-21 14:27:50 GMT