How's My Kitty?
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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & GENNY, Entry for April 20, 2007
4/20  Everyone is well.  As usual Seghesio gets the attention first.  She was on the sofa when I arrived and accepted her scratchies with little meows as usual.  The boys, Pinhead and Meatball followed me around occasionally blocking my path by throwing themselves down on the floor and rolling around in front of me for attention and to get their own scratchies.  They were not fooling me.  They knew exactly when I picked up the laser pointer and were impatient for their  turn at some fun.  After the boys tore around the apartment from the fireplace to the front door in an endless pursuit of the little red dot, they reluctantly followed me up to the bedroom to supervise my chores.  Genny was under the bed.  I put on the TV upstairs to simulate some normal background noise and give her the impression that I was staying up there for a while.  I tried a little laser play with the boys which she watched from under the bed.  In order to give her more time I unplugged the Litter maid pulled it out shook the litter on the mat underneath into the box and swept up the mats carpet around the box and changed the little blue trash bag.  I scooped the other litter pan and added some litter.  I discovered that Genny had come out from under the bed, when I went around the side to do her litter pan and fill her food bowl, but she decided to retreat back under when I got too close.  I told her that I would be honored to give her some scratchies on my last visit tomorrow.  On my way out today Meatball came racing down the stairs and stuck his head through the bannister supports for some nose to nose rubbing to say good by and watched as I left the apartment.  All in all it was a good visit.
2007-04-21 14:26:17 GMT