How's My Kitty?
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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & GENNY, Entry for April 19-20, 2007
4/19 Your little family is doing just fine.  I spent time giving scratchies and pets to Seghesio.  Today she was holding court on the chair in the entryway, I suppose waiting for my grand entrance:)  As usual Meatball and Pinhead are frantic players.  Since they like the laser pointer so much that is our primary play toy.  They have the fastest front paws on the North side. They follow me through the house while I do my chores in the hopes of getting a little play and pets in here and there.  They are truly sweet little boys.  Genny set in the TV room for a bit then headed back up to her room. Ah well...  Tomorrow, I intend to spend more time on her turf upstairs interacting with the boys in an effort to draw her out again.  Will report on my progress tomorrow.

4/20 Written report to come - but per today's phone report all went well with everyone - tho Genny reverted to type watching the activity from under "her" bed:) Steve also reports that he did a little extra tidying up underneath the litter maid which I thought was very thoughtfull.. More later! LH
2007-04-21 14:05:52 GMT