How's My Kitty?
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COCO & CAVALLI, Entry for April 19-20, 2007
Your boys are doing just fine.  Today was my first visit and I had to wait by your door until the person from the building brought a key to unlock the door.  The kitties were aware of my presence outside and Cavalli tried to assist me by putting his paws under the door and trying to get it open.  I put my finger under the door and we had a little finger and paw exchange until the person with the key arrived.  

Coco remained a little reserved with me today, however Cavalli was ready to play. I brought a toy with me called a cat dancer.  It is a wire with several small cardboard rolls attached at the end.  If you turn and twist it just right it looks like a moth fluttering across the rug or flying in the air.  Cavalli just loved it.  He jumped and chased it incessantly.  I rolled it up and put it on my head while I took care of the litter and he was up on the bathroom sink trying to knock it off my head.  I undid it and tossed it on the floor and Cavalli dragged it around in his mouth growling on occasion when Coco would get too close.  After I put it away Cavalli spent some time looking around the apartment trying to find it but finally gave up the search.

Your dry food from Natural Balance may be one that has been recently added to the cat food recall.  Since I couldn't determine whether it was the flavor listed in the recall or determine how long they had been eating it I removed there dry food bowls and washed them. I gave them an extra can of wet food and will return with a suitable replacement until you can decide what replacement you would like.  The kitties are acting fine and playing normally, so I don't believe there is any need to worry, but you can't be too careful during this time period when they seem to come up with new food items for one reason or another that failed to get in the initial recall list.

4/20 - Hi from LH. Am waiting for SR's written report, but he reported by phone yesterday and he stopped on the way and picked up some Wellness dry food to replace the Natural Balance and gave them that today. Also, he said Cavalli got himself so worked up over the cat-dancer that he was panting like mad. Of course he stayed until the little tyke was calmed down again and will limit his exercise just a bit tomorrow, so he doesn't get quite so worn out:) Sounds like you might want to buy one of those things:)
2007-04-21 14:00:02 GMT