How's My Kitty?
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Stassi and Cabot (Visit) Entry for April 20, 2007
It was sad to see that it was my last visit with Stassi and Cabot today! Stassi was, of course, right by the door when I came in, but no Cabot greeting today. I found him in his usual spot by the radiator, but got a chance to pet him a little and moved onto the food. I made sure to feed the fish and refill all of the kitties food, however they still are leaving the pantry food untouched! Stassi followed me around while I was refilling the food, and when I was done with all of the food and water, we went to find Cabot. He had moved from the radiator to under the bed, so I decided to just let him be and spent the rest of my visit playing and petting Stassi. I hope you had a great trip! These guys have been wonderful to spend time with!
2007-04-21 03:50:16 GMT