How's My Kitty?
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Marley and Mira (Visit) Entry for April 18, 2007
It was a beautiful day in Chicago today, and Marley and Mira seemed to be enjoying it in the living room when I arrived today. Mira was such a little sweetheart, as usual, and I had a great time petting her. As for Marley, he didn't seem to be very fond of my visit again, so he found his way to the bedroom where he stayed for the rest of the visit. I am hoping that eventually he is going to warm up to me, it just seems that it will take time. I made sure to refill the waters in both rooms and give them their usual amount of food. I even made sure to leave little treats for each cat! :) These guys are doing great, I hope you are having a wonderful trip!
2007-04-19 03:45:59 GMT