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Stassi and Cabot (Visit) Entry for April 18, 2007
Today's visit with Stassi and Cabot was fantastic! I had the great surprise of being able to say hello to Cabot today! I finally found him, hiding in back of one of the heaters. He must have been wanting to play a game of hide and seek! He was very shy and went to find another spot, but it was great to see him. Stassi was a sweetie, and I spent a majority of the visit petting her and giving her lots of attention. They also seem to be favoring the food dish in the bathroom, because it looks as if they haven't touched the in the pantry. As for the litter, I made sure to clean it up, so all is well in the apartment! Hope all is well for you!
2007-04-19 03:38:16 GMT