How's My Kitty?
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Opal and Sapphire (AM VISIT) Entry for April 18, 2007
Sapphire and Opal are such sweethearts! Before I got to the fish activities for the morning, I made sure to spend time giving attention to these two wonderful little kitties. I used the brushes on both Opal and Sapphire, and they both purred away! As for the fish, I am actually still having some problems feeding both Mr. Eel and the white fish. Mr. Eel's shell has shifted a bit, and for some reason he didn't seem to want to poke his little head out for breakfast. The white fish is being a bit shy as well about eating, and moved a little but didn't want to eat his food. I am hoping tomorrow will be better, but I will be sure to give you the updates right away. I hope you are having a great trip!
2007-04-19 03:32:38 GMT