How's My Kitty?
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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & GENNY, Entry for April 17, 2007
Hi guys! The "second" best nanny at CCN is taking care of the babies for a couple days while I am packing to move. His name is Steve, and from his phone report, he had a very successful visit with the kitties and said that "Meatball" really loves him. And here I thought Meatball was MY best friend! Sheesh! Well... I guess that little tyke just loves everybody:) Anyway, ... here's his report for the day.

"The little ones were all doing fine today.  Seghisio loved getting scratchies on the sofa.  Meatball was friendly right off the bat, while it took Pinhead just a tad longer to sniff and decide I was ok. Both boys then tore around the living room trying endlesly to catch the little red laser light for playtime.  Genny was under the bed as Laurie told me she would be, however during the activities with the rest of the kids in the living room, she snuck down from the bedroom and sat in the doorway of the TV room to check me out! So it was quite a good day." 
2007-04-18 14:26:46 GMT