How's My Kitty?
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MAX, Entry for April 17, 2007
Hi there! Thanks for the comment! Well Max and I kind of have our routine down.. which also includes by the way, plenty of snuggles, trust me. I scoop him up right away when I come in and always get little kissy-licks on my forehead with that sandpaper tongue of his which makes me laugh! We have long conversations about the birds outside and the days repas as he climbs all around the kitchen sink anxiously.  Today however I made a terrific discovery -- I just couldn't take his lackidazical attitude with the wands anymore... I mean he's only been jumping once or twice and then walking away bored- so not much to talk about...  But miraculously when I tossed his leprachaun into the bedroom he took off after it at the speed of light! So back and forth he went flying up onto the bed - then back toward the front door sliding into the wall a million times with some pretty good acrobatics on the way, as he tried to catch it mid air.  After that he was so worked up, he actually forgot he was bored with the wand - and laid happily under the table trying to catch it. And when I left today he was pretty worn out. So apparently, Max isn't getting too old for this stuff.  He just needed a new game. :)
2007-04-18 13:53:54 GMT