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Stassi and Cabot (Visit) Entry for April 17, 2007
Stassi is such a sweetheart! When I arrived today, she circled around my ankles and was quite the greeter. We sat on the couch and I pet her for quite awhile, which she definitely seemed to enjoy! Afterwards, it was time for the fish and the kitties to have some dinner. The kitties seem to be eating the food in the bathroom faster then in the pantry, but I was sure to fill up each bowl. Cabot was shy yet again today and didn't come out to say hello, so I'm wondering if there is a certain hiding place that I don't know about that I can find her in. I also cleaned up around the litter today, so Stassi and Cabot are all set! Cheers!
2007-04-18 04:01:45 GMT