How's My Kitty?
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OPAL & SAPPHIRE, AM/PM, Entry for April 16, 2007
4/16 am - Both the kitties are doing fine. Sapphire was on the bed and enjoyed a nice brush and some treats. And Opal supervised all the fish feeding. My main concern today is the white fish who you said has not been eating well. He really does not look very well to me - as he was sitting very still and leaning to the side which doesn't seem good.  His eyes were not moving and I could just detect that he was still breathing or I would have assumed the worse. He wouldn't eat for the longest time either with the food right in front of his mouth. I had to nudge him a bit with the food to get him interested. Finally he did take a couple reluctant bites but then started backing away.  I was at least glad to see him move! But please advise on his condition. He seems more sick, than depressed..... All the other fish ate very well, except for the Eel - who would not pop his head out the top or underneath at all, even after several attempts to encourage him.

4/16 pm, Checked in on the tank tonight and the white fish was at least upright - but sitting in the corner. All the other fish were happily swimming around. Took Opal on a LONG ride in her box - through the livingroom, African room, bedroom and all the way back to the other side of the apt. until she finally decided to disembark in the bathroom, by Sapphire's room:)) Both are eating well, and gave them a bit of wet food this eve. as a treat. More tomorrow!
2007-04-17 13:03:05 GMT