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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & GENNY, Entry for April 16, 2007

Hi Guys! It was so great to see all my little pals again today. Thanks for the note.  No one was in sight today when I came in except Seghisio who was relaxing regally on the leather couch. I have her some much appreciated pets and scratchies on the head while I called out to the boys who soon came scurrying down the stairs to say hi. Everybody but Seghisio was still "dressed" today and they looked so cute in their matching scarves. Everybody had eaten a fair amount of their kibble, though someone did regurgitate a bit of it back into the bowl... so dumped that one out, washed and filled it with fresh.  Meatball was again my best pal and came running right up and jumped on my lap and scampered right up the stairs with me to look in on Genny when I called his name. Then he hopped up on the bed to supervise all the activities and tried to be as cute as possible, so that everytime I passed by, I had to stop and give him a little tummy rub. Genny was hanging out under the bed but hopefully she'll appear in the next couple days. After that I sat and watched a bit of TV with Seghisio and the boys ran all around, peering over the top of the loft, looking down at us. They were particularly facinated by the lazer light climbing the walls:)

Well - that's the news for the day! Sorry I got so swamped last week. Sometimes I just get buried - Don't know why it's soooo busy lately?? Maybe it's the new rating:)) Hope to see you guys soon and will of course post tomorrow!! Take care. LH

2007-04-17 12:49:44 GMT