How's My Kitty?
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ROXANNE & RILEY, Entry for April 15-16, 2007
4/15 Both kitties were enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon when I arrived today.Roxanne did get up to greet me and eventually Riley emerged from the bedroom to say hello.  He soon lay down on the carpet and started rolling over and seemed to be looking for love.  He let me pick him up and he looked out the window for a while.  Then they both got combed and fed.

They are doing fine and I will see them tomoerow evening.

4/16The kitties seemed really hungry this evening!  They werr right by the door to greet me as usual but they immediately showed me to the  kitchen and their empty bowls!  They shared a can of food pretty equally then when I put down the dry food they launched in to that as well.  Since I won't be there to are them until after work tomorrow I did top up the dry food before I left.  They were so busy eating that they weren't too  interested in anything else.  Quite the opposite of yesterday when they had little interest in food and just wanted company!  By the way the goose is still sitting there by the front door and someone had put a dish of water there for her.  I assume it is the mom but am not sure about that. So all continues to be fine with roxanne and Riley and I will see them again tomorrow.
2007-04-17 12:31:14 GMT