How's My Kitty?
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ROSEY, RITTER & the BIRDS, Entry for April 15-16, 2007

4/15 The kitties were no where in sight today, but after calling and calling I heard some faint meows from the closet and there they were up top snuggling in all the linen. Both soon came out and greeted me and got some scratchies and tummy rubs. The birds continue to do fine- but I'm not sure they're eating their whole dish of food everyday. Nevertheless, I'm giving them fresh bowls daily just to be on the safe side.

4/16 Both kitties came out to greet me today and were super sociable. Both wanted lots of pets and tummy rubs right away. Rosey tried to follow me into the birds room, but I told her to stay put:) She remained right at the door waiting for me however and continued to try and figure out a way in, everytime I came out to get fresh water.

2007-04-17 12:29:24 GMT