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SCRUFFY, MILES & NELLIE, Entry for April 15-16, 2007
4/15 Scruffy was right at the door again today and Miles asleep on the kitty condo.  Nellie's still under the bed but had finished her bowl of food I'd put underneath for her. Scruffy likes to follow me around and watch what I'm doing every second. I was cleaning the litter in the bedroom when I looked over my shoulder and there she was watching me with that hilarious little face.  Gave Miles her pill, but today she had her little teeth clenched reluctantly for a bit - but we got the job done with lots of "Good kitty" afterward and she was soon purring like mad again.

4/16 Spend my lunch hour with the kitties and Miles snuggled up on my lap and purred and purred while Scruffy sat at my feet grooming herself. Somehow the bedroom door had closed overnight, so I found the doorstop and propped it open so that wouldn't happen again. Everyone had finished their wet food from the day before and a good share of the dry, so replenished all, much to Scruffy's delight. So all's going very well here and you can relax:)
2007-04-17 12:23:51 GMT
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Yay! So glad Miles finally let you pill her. Strange about the door closing--unually only happens if we have all bedroom windows wide open, and there's a big breeze. I'm glad everyone sounds happy, especially Miles--she can get pretty depressed when we are away. And typical! She LOVES to follow you around, has to be RIGHT there, watching everything that's going on. And you're right--that face! You just look over, there she is, and you can't help but laugh. Thanks for keeping them happy!
2007-04-17 12:29:19 GMT