How's My Kitty?
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Stassi and Cabot (Visit) Entry for April 16, 2007
Stassi was right at the door to say hello today! She is such a little sweetie! I fed the fish right away, and then decided it was feeding time for the kitties as well! Although they didn't go for it right away, I'm sure they will get right to the food when I am gone. For some reason I was having some troubles finding little Cabot today. I searched all over the apartment, and after reading that her hiding spot was in a box on the top shelves in the pantry, I discovered that I was going to have quite a bit of trouble reaching it, so I decided I should just wait it out. I'm sure she was just taking a little nap, so I bet during tomorrow's visit she will come out and say hello! Stassi and I got the opportunity to play with the little feather toy today. I would toss it down the hallway and she would go chasing after it and pounce. What a cutie! By the way, thanks so much for leaving the cookies, they were fantastic! Cheers!
2007-04-17 05:00:41 GMT