How's My Kitty?
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Marley and Mira (Visit) Entry for April 15, 2007
I had a great visit with Marley and Mira today! Upon my arrival, Mira was in the living room and I made sure to pet her right away. She is such a little sweetheart! I also brushed her for a bit, but she was more interested in the bedroom so I decided it must be time to fix up some dinner. I found Marley in the kitchen, and he gave me a few little whines and waited in the living room for me to fill the food bowl. Both kitties went right for the food, and while they were eating I cleaned up their litter for the day. After dinner time, I tried to convince the two to play with the wand, however they were not in a very playful mood, and opted for nap time instead. These kitties are doing great! I hope you are having a fantastic trip!
2007-04-16 02:10:15 GMT