How's My Kitty?
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OPAL & SAPPHIRE, Entry for April 14, 2007

Great to see the kitties again! Opal was right at the door to greet me and very sociable and Sapphire was in waiting on the bed. She was very sweet when I came in and super happy when I gave her some of the treats you'd left with her name on it ( so cute... ) I brushed them both which they enjoyed and tried to get Opal into her little box car.. but she wasn't in the mood today. She prefered hoping from box to box under the table and then hung out in her house. Both had eaten a fair amount of their food and all seemed normal. The doorman insisted we drop the keys back at the desk each visit - so that's what I did - which actually will work out just fine, since we only have one set of keys and Chelsey and I will be alternating. Well, hope you guys are having fun and will have more news soon!

2007-04-15 15:25:59 GMT