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SCRUFFY, MILES & NELLIE, Entry for April 14, 2007

Scruffy was right at the door to greet me when I came in and Miles was sleeping on the kitty condo. Nellie of course was under the bed as expected. Both Scruffy and Miles supervised brunch. Scruff was the most enthusiastic. I put Nellie's bowl under the bed for her as she wasn't about to budge. Miles took her pill very well and I did offer her a treat afterward but she wasn't really interested in it.  I got out all the toys from the toy box and Both Miles and Scruffy started to bat the milk carton rings around, which promptly went under the couch and chair. That's the trouble with those little things - you get about 2 seconds of playtime in with them and they disappear. lol.  So we turned to the wand and got a bit of exercise with that. So all went very smoothly on our first day!

2007-04-15 15:19:58 GMT
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So funny--and so true about those darn milk carton rings! lol. So glad to hear all is well and "typical" at home.
2007-04-17 12:22:36 GMT