How's My Kitty?
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NINA, Entry for April 14, 2007

Hi there! Sorry to have left Nina off the blog calendar today!! But all's well and I had a pretty good visit with her - not nearly as "scarey" as I expected. lol. When I came in she was under the diningroom table and I opted to just sit down with my papers on the lounge and just ignore her for a bit - and be "un-threatening".  Fairly soon she came scurrying over to me and I held out my finger for her to sniff, which she did - then took a little half-hearted swipe at my hand. I told her in a quite voice that wasn't particularly nice:)) When I stood up to go fix her meal she headed back under the table. I expected her to come running after my feet but she never did. I gave her a new bowl of wet food and topped off her dry - then tried to see if she'd play with her blue ball - she just watched it roll by. I also got the red ball from the hallway you left, but she just sat and watched. Ah well... we'll see how things go tomorrow!

2007-04-15 15:14:27 GMT