How's My Kitty?
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MR. MAX BROWN, Entry for April 13-14, 2007

4/13 Really great to see Max again. He was meowing at the door as always and ready for playtime and food.  As I mentioned in my note, I couldn't really bring myself to give him the Science Diet wet food today - what with their canned products being on the recall list... so I just made sure he had plenty of dry food to eat between visits. Give me a call to discuss. Thanks!

4/14 Today we played with his feather wand and Max made several mile high leaps into the air as always - but tired of it more quickly than usual - might just be that he's getting a bit older ... He supervised all the litter activity as usual and got lots of the pets and attention he demands of course. Give me a call if possible when you get back tomorrow to talk about the food. If you really feel confident, I'll give it to him next week when I come back... Cheers! LH

2007-04-15 14:59:58 GMT